hey my friends, i have started an official photography blog for my biz. now it will all be combined. please change your links or bookmarks accordingly! thanks!!


first of all, i must say that it makes me so happy when i’m driving behind a car whose headlights are obviously designed after those little sticky circles with the hole in the middle that you put on the 3 holes in your notebook paper to keep them from tearing. i like watching them.

now that that thought is out of the way.
i must talk about my photo classes that i am currently taking. i had no idea i would learn what i am learning. here i am, trying to grow a business in photography without understanding how to properly work my camera. when i received my first 35mm slr back in 2001 for graduation (no, not high school but college…), i took a couple of classes and learned how to operate on manual. well, i put the camera down for a while and got lazy when i picked it back up. then i purchased the digital slr and got rreeeaaaalllly lazy. that display on the back kinda rocks the house. but lately when heading out to a wedding or to do some portraits, i get a bit nervous wondering how my camera will perform. when it’s big-bad-self is in automatic or program mode and has total control. this is not the way i want to live my life! i know…it sounds serious.

i just can’t describe how relieved i am to learn how to produce even more beautiful pictures that are properly exposed and to have the confidence and the control over my camera. there’s nothing like it. well, there’s maybe some things they are like it…but right now that doesn’t matter. i am slowly making some progress, and it’s very encouraging. it’s also a lot cheaper than my alternate plans of spending thousands of dollars on school. yay! once i get my website completely presentable, i am also going to change this into a photo blog. i’ve been researching, and apparently you just can’t be a professional photographer without one. so that’s coming soon. yay!

right now i am in my car sitting outside of edgar’s bakery in birmingham, alabama…of all places. i’m meeting some fantastic friends for lunch here in about 30 minutes. it didn’t make sense to go sit down somewhere again and pay for a drink or whatever just to get up and leave. so i decided to come on over here and read. but then i got out my computer. and edgar’s has free wifi!! whoa!

last night i started a class at the birmingham school of photography called intro to light measurement. i was very resistant to this one at first, b/c it sounded a little confusing and not very useful. i was set on taking black and white I. but circumstances led me to this one. and circumstances could be called God…b/c i think it was him. mainly b/c this class is sooo exactly what i was looking to learn.

it makes me think of how a pilot doesn’t learn to fly a plane by looking out the window. he has to learn the instruments…how the plane operates so that he can fly in the clouds or at night. i have been so spoiled by digital that i’ve only been looking out the window. it’s time to use my mind and not rely on the camera’s mind. i can shoot somewhat in manual, but it’s a guess. i have to bracket like a wild woman and have no idea how the picture will turn out until i get it on my computer.

i wish nashville had a little school like this so i wouldn’t have to drive 3 hours. no so much of a big deal though. tonight i am starting a class on photoshop for beginners. i finally purchased it! yay! it’s time for things to start moving.

tonight lauren and i watched one of her netflix movies: lost in translation. really? no, i mean…seriously? it ended and left me feeling lost myself. was this the point? i understand that charlotte and bob were both in similar places in their lives. obviously, that was the big connection. i can somewhat relate. but nothing happened! i wasn’t cheering them on to have some sort of affair. i actually expected them not to. but it just ended. i don’t understand. i’m sure someone enjoyed this movie. i don’t mean to ruin it for you. some scenes were interesting and thought-provoking…even a bit comical.

sorry to my readers for using my blog so often as a request for recommendations! anyway, does anyone know of the best place to purchase adobe photoshop cs3 for mac? amazon has it for $609. i’m thinking that’s pretty good. but i could be wrong. and isn’t cs3 the most updated version?

*i lift the dishwashing liquid and numerous bubbles fly out everywhere, and i have to hit them and pop them.
*i forget to zip the change compartment of my billfold. then i open it up and change falls out everywhere.
*i go to the grocery at least once a week to buy one or more of these items: diet lipton green tea, coffee creamer, milk, kellogg’s special k, or amy’s organic pizza
*my favorite live stream on itunes won’t work.
*i don’t properly put my car in reverse, and it makes an ugly noise (5 speed).
*i pass a crawling centipede on the way up to my floor in the building.
*i have a moment where i have no idea what i’m doing with my life.
*i have a moment where i do. thank God.

does anyone know of the best FREE website to store my pictures? i have all kinds of albums (like 30-40) on yahoo photos. for some reason, they are closing this down. what a disappointment! flickr charges you after a certain amount. and i’m not familiar with others. just wondering. thanks!

don’t you think it’s funny when you go somewhere and someone you completely don’t know acts like they know you and that you’ve been there sooo many times before? that has happened to me twice in about 2 weeks. and i just laugh to myself. i’ve probably done it before to someone at work or wherever.

the other day my dad was talking about something. i said…yeah, dad, i guess that’s just how you roll. he said…i don’t understand that. i said…you know, like the way you do things. he said…no, that’s just how i ROCK. i’m still laughing about that in my head.

funk — it’s a nice word. but it’s kind of where i am right about now. i understand that verse (wherever it is) that says where there is no vision the people perish. how horrible it is to be somewhere in your life and not have what i guess you could consider goals for the future. to be just floating around somewhere with no real purpose (that you can see) for being there. i finally know where this step is taking me in life. now i’m just waiting for it to take course. it won’t be too much longer, but it’s been a tough road to get there. more details later…

yesterday we headed out to the red bull flugtag where they launch all these crazy flying contraptions off a platform to see how far they will fly. it was pretty funny. one was a rubix cube, a car, a dude a bike, a dragon. most of them didn’t stand a chance and went straight down. at times, i was a bit concerned for the people on them when they landed…you know…broken vertebrae and such. i’m posting the winner…this was absolutely amazing. we didn’t witness it though. the scorching heat drove us away early. watching this, i can’t believe how it didn’t occur to someone else to create one similar. previously, i think the record was 81 feet…now it’s set at 155 feet!! wow! the admirable part of it was that they had to land in the cumberland river. i never even knew how horrible and nasty the river was until i read an article about one group saying that was the part that concerned them the most…the possibility of coming out with another arm or strange defect. funny.


what a deal we got for entertainment on saturday night. the fab five (me, christi, accalia, lauren, sandy) went to the cma music festival at l.p. field (where the titans play.) for $35, we got to see the following artists: jodee messina (well, we heard her from the parking lot), billy ray cyrus (yes, he sang achy breaky heart with the crowd going wild), leann rimes, rascall flats, josh turner (oh my gosh his voice is so low), and martina mcbride! it was amazing. so much talent in one place. i like getting a good deal like that. christi’s parents also went with us. her dad took a phenomenal picture of us afterwards with the fireworks in the background. when sandy sends it, i’ll try to post it.